EVENT: 13/16 J&J Birthdays

What a special age for both of these cuties…One breaking into teenage territory while the other is DRIVING and hiding from the camera. We are all so proud of the intelligent and loving individuals you both have become and wish nothing but the best for your futures!

Happy birthday Jeffrey and Jamie..love you!

numbers-1-of-1numbers-and-balloons-1-of-1baby-jr-1-of-1jeeffrey-and-nicole-1-of-1jamie-1-of-1dsc_0155wanda-alastair-and-family-1-of-1nicole-and-alexander-1-of-1jeffrey-and-friends-1-of-1jeff-and-carol-1-of-1tom-and-dawn-color-1-of-1melissa-and-art-1-of-1alastair-1-of-1alexander-and-plant-1-of-1boys-1-of-1kids-playing-1-of-1zoe-1-of-113-1-of-116-2-1-of-1cakes-1-of-1cake-with-cupcakes-1-of-1tremaine-with-doll-1-of-1carol-dawn-and-marianne-1-of-1carol-and-melissa-1-of-1dsc_0180dsc_0176melissa-art-and-alexander-1-of-1dsc_0153Jeffrey and Jamie (1 of 1).jpglighting-cake-1-of-1cake-1-of-1birthday-kids-1-of-1cake-and-candles-1-of-1Cake with candles (1 of 1).jpg




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